Dogsvilla | Services
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Dog Training School.

At our School, we offer the absolute best Dog training and boarding service in Central India.

Dogsvilla  offers training and boarding facility that are far superior than the other pet service providers.  We offer programs that help dog owners pursue knowledge ranging from the latest scientific advancements to time tested techniques that have been passed on for generations.

Our Goal at out Dog Training Center is to help clients set simple, achievable goals and learn to reach those goals in a fun, open and relaxed environment.

When dogs and owners are having fun, success is just around the corner!

Dog Grooming & Wellness Spa.

Dog Grooming is much more than simply giving bath to your Dog. Come and expirience what it mean to get our Dog groomed by Centre India’s best Dog Groomer.

Dog Boarding & Day Care.

A home away from home for your beloved Pet. Don’t just take our word, come and see for yourself how are we different than other Dog Boardings.

Pups & more.

We are a friendly team of professionals committed to bringing you the best quality pets with 3 year of Birth Defect Guaranty & Free lifelong Support.

Pet Store.

Tired of not able to find the product of right quality for your pets?

Come and experience the wide range of high quality hand picked products to help you give a better life to your pets.