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Welcome to DogsVilla Pet Services, Indore’s premier pet care destination. We offer a range of services including dog grooming, training, and hostel facilities. We also provide security and sniffer dogs, pet goods shop, adoption, and fresh food. Our team is dedicated to ensuring your furry friends receive the best care possible. Visit us between 9 am to 8 pm to experience our one-stop solution for all your pet’s needs.

DogsVilla- One-stop solution for all your pet care needs!

From dog grooming and training to our dog hostel and pet shop, we have everything you need to keep your furry friends happy and healthy.

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DogsVilla pet shop in indore offers a wide range of services for pets, ensuring that every need of your furry friend is taken care of.

Pet Shop

We have a wide selection of dogs for sale, including purebred and mixed-breed dogs. We also offer pet supplies, food, toys, and accessories.

Pet Hostel

We provide a comfortable and safe environment for your dog to stay while you are away. Our dog hostel is staffed 24/7, and we offer both long-term and short-term boarding options.

Dog Training

Our professional dog trainers use positive reinforcement techniques to train your dog and help them learn good behavior. We offer basic obedience training, advanced training, and behavior modification training.

Dog Grooming

We provide professional grooming services to keep your dog looking and feeling their best. Our grooming services include bathing, brushing, nail trimming, ear cleaning, and more.

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Our team of experts is dedicated to providing exceptional care for your furry friends. Whether you need grooming, training, boarding, or pet supplies, we've got you covered. Browse our services and contact us today!